Shrimp BOV


Shrimp BOV



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Shrimp BOV features:

  • Ball valve for smooth single-handed operation
  • One-way valves use low WOB CCR flapper valves
  • OC second stage uses Apeks parts for high performance and easy servicing
  • One-way valves are interchangeable for left-to-right or right-to-left gas flow
  • Hoses are easily removed from the BOV body for cleaning

New features:

  • Compact streamlined design
  • Light-weight – under 1lb (453g)
  • 2nd stage is angled to prevent freeflow while on surface, in high flow or while scootering
  • Built-in chin rest
  • Revolutionary bayonet hose attachment system with safety lock
  • Barrel sealing hose nipples allow hose adjustment during dive
  • Screw-in lever to assist switching CC/OC in thick gloves




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