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FATHOM Dive Systems is committed to supporting the exploration and documentation of the underwater environment.

2024 FATHOM Explorers: Osama Gobara and Mauro Bordignon.

Osama Gobara

Originally from Austria, Osama is now based full-time in Mexico where he works as a cave diving instructor and spends most of his time exploring the fascinating cave systems of the country. Osama is passionate about the underground environment and for over fifteen years has dedicated most of his spare time to the exploration and documentation of dry and underwater caves on numerous projects around the world. With a degree in hydrographic surveying, he is constantly working on cave maps and digital 3D models to showcase the results of his exploration.

Mauro Bordignon

Mauro Bordignon has a degree in American Literature from Ca’Foscari University in Venice, though soon after graduation he decided to follow his main passion and became a professional cave diving instructor and explorer. With more than twenty years of teaching experience and many kilometers of explored caves on his back, he lives most of the year in Mexico. Still, he frequently travels around the world for teaching and cave exploration projects. His experience ranges from 6-degree cold European caves, altitude diving in mines of Arizona mountains, to the warmer climes of African desert and Mexican caves.

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