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The Heser Tauchtechnik GmbH Rebreather-Backplate is made in the same design and quality as our standard backplates.  It is a special back plate for use with a rebreather. Due to the long design, the backplate rests on the buttocks of the divers. Since most rebreather are too short to be on the buttocks. Backplate with normal length press the lumbar area, which often caused back pain.

All Heser backplates outer edges and harness slots are finished on both sides with CNC machined edges which eliminates any damage to the harness or suit.

  • 6mm SS Rebreather-Backplate weighs 14.5 lbs / 6.6 kg
  • 4mm SS Rebreather-Backplate weighs 10.6 lbs / 4.8kg
  • 4mm Aluminum Rebreather-Backplate weighs 3 lbs / 1.4 kg



  • Backplate Material: salt-water resistant stainless steel (1.4571 ; 316Ti) or aluminum
  • Surface: matt (blasted)
  • Dimensions: Length = 552mm (21.7 inch) (152mm longer than standard backplates), width = 270mm (10.6 inch) approx
  • Spacing of hole: 11 inch = 279,4 mm (Fits to every wing with spacing of hole of 11 inch)
  • 4m (13 feet) harness webbing with eyelet: about 50mm (2 inch) broad, 3mm (0.12 inch) thick (extra strong)
  • Crotch strap, one end sewed up with D-ring and stopper
  • 2 x D-Ring, 5mm diameter 45°
  • 2 x D-Ring, 5mm diameter
  • 1 x screws with nuts and shims to mount crotch strap
  • 1 x stopper toothless
  • 5 x stopper
  • 1 x bungee loop
  • 1 x fastener for harness
  • 4 x rubber rings to fix backup lights
  • assembly instructions (PDF)
  • dimensional drawing (PDF)
  • All metal accessories are made of saltwater resistant stainless steel


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