Swagelok Female QC6


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FATHOM Female QC-6 $99

  • Modified body fits 3/8-24 or 9/16-18 port without added adapters for shorter overall length.
  • SS for corrosion resistance


CCR divers use Swagelok QC6 connectors to plumb in offboard gas.   The QC6 has sufficient flow for breathing gas, which is essential whenever a BOV is being used.  We use genuine Swagelok 316 stainless with double shutoff service.


The entire back-end of the female QC6 is replaced rather than using adapters.  This makes the female QC6 as short as possible.


Available in two thread sizes: 3/8″-24 male (typically used for MAVs or gas blocks) and 9/16″-18 male (connects to 2nd stage end of a LP hose).


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