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Ultimate Fill Whip


The Ultimate Fill Whip is sold in two parts.  The first part is an oxygen whip, which allows divers to decant oxygen for 100% oxygen fills or blending nitrox.  The oxygen whip comes with a CGA 540 connector, 5,000’ psi/350 bar analog gauge, stainless steel needle valve, 6 ft/1.8 m stainless braided hose, and DIN connector.


The second part is a helium whip, which can be used alone or together with the oxygen whip.  The helium whip allows divers to decant helium for blending trimix and includes a CGA 580 connector, 6 ft/1.8 m stainless braided hose, inline shutoff valve, 5,000’ psi/350 bar digital gauge, and DIN connector.


The two whips can be used alone, connected together, or a with a booster in-between.  Quick connects are used on both whips to achieve the ultimate flexibility.  Both DIN connectors can be placed on the oxygen whip for transfilling or equalizing cylinders.  The 5,000’ psi/350 bar digital gauge can be disconnected from the helium whip and mated to a DIN connector for use as a pressure checker.  Additional DIN connectors are also available to simplify and speed up filling multiple cylinders.


We recommend starting with the oxygen whip with analog gauge and adding the helium whip with a digital gauge when needed.


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