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The HP Accurate series of high-pressure hoses stands out for its extreme flexibility and matte finishing. It tops its category for solidity and lightness.

HP hose lengths:

  • Backmount doubles: 24 in/61 cm
  • Sidemount bottles: 9 in/23 cm
  • Stages: 6 in/15 cm


TESTED BY TIME – The design and validation efforts that have made this series better over many years mean these hoses are safe, resilient products, thoroughly tested and improved over time.

COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE – An enhanced layer-coadhesion process and a small diameter ensure that the highest mechanic solidity is coupled with lightness and flexibility much above the market standard.

MICRO-DRILLING – Thanks to the micro-drilling system any leak, however small, becomes immediately evident: in case of damage, the hoses can be replaced before any functional problems arise.


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