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The LP Smooth Pro series, with low-opacity polyurethane outer coating, is Hydpro’s top line for technical/professional use.

36 in/91 cm length with a slightly larger connector grip for drysuit inflation.


FIT FOR THE HARDEST CONDITIONS – The distinctive composition of the different layers and the high adherence grant unique advantages of maximum mechanic solidity and tensile strength.

COLD IS NO OBSTACLE – Their response to extreme temperatures, unique for this kind of product, makes the Smooth Pro hoses the natural choice for diving on cold water, as they remain fully flexible in this environment.

HIGH ELASTICITY – This series has high elasticity, ensuring an optimal score in the kinking tests.

LP Hose Testing

  • Flow check, verifying the devices’ flow rates
  • Tensile strength test, evaluating resistance to tensile strength in compliance with legal requirements
  • Internal kinking test, to ensure efficient flow in the event of an accidental knot forming
  • 100% underwater product test


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