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The Razor 4 Side Mount System is an integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. It can be used for both cold water diving with dry suits and steel tanks and warm water diving with wet suits and aluminium tanks.

The new system comes with a lot of enhancements without compromising the simplicity and functions of the system. Each part of the system is redefined to make your diving experience even better and more functional.


The new Basic Razor 4 System has the following components:

  • Razor 4 Harness 
  • Razor 4 Redundant BAT Wing
  • Razor 4 Pocket Weight System
  • Razor 4 Multitool with Screws and Washers

Changes on the Razor 4 Harness

  • New flexible but still extremely durable Webbing
  • New Delta Shoulder Plate without Webbing screw and with 3 threaded holes to adjust the Wing height
  • New Bungee Tri-glide which allows as well easier setup for loop bungee style tank attachment
  • New Wing Closing tri-glide on the scooter loop for easy wing closing
  • Razor 4 Multitool for wing fitting exchanges and screwdriver for screws including different other tools to adjust hoses on first stages etc.
  • Very durable Razor branded inner tubes
  • All Razor branded and produced hardware including the metal plates, bolt snaps and double enders are produced from high quality stainless steel

Changes on the Razor 4 BAT Wing

  • New high quality Razor 4 power inflator with an improved piston-based system and with an increased-airflow system for high-density air
  • Super flat profile and integrated dump system by pulling on the corrugated hose. Dumping gas possible from the front using either hand
  • With the new Power Inflator and Dump Valve system air can be dumped on either side of the wing with full flexibility
  • Adapted closing system which is easier to setup and use
  • Super low profile Dump valve with a trapezoidal threading, studied to preserve the tightening torque and guarantee high tensile strength.
    Carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer the size of the gasket seat is more than halved, resulting in an exceptional saving of volume.
    Adjustable knob on the dump valve.
  • New Wing closing system with only 2 bungee loops, which can be easily attached to the harness independently

New Razor 4 Pocket Weight System

  • The new design of the Razor 4 Pocket Weight System allows you to stow all common sizes and shapes of weight pieces on the diving market (or in dive centers). You can fix it either using the Weight Strap that comes along with it, or directly on your Side Mount Harness (waist strap or lumbar strap).


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