Fathom MK2.5 CCR


Fathom MK2.5 CCR



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  • 7 in (178 mm) dia. x 16 in (406 mm) tall
  • 30.2 lb (13.7 kg) without cylinders or scrubber material


  • No batteries inside head eliminates the possibility of toxic chemicals in breathing loop
  • Fully potted and submersible head eliminates the possibility of corrosion on sensitive
    life‑support equipment
  • Splitter/isolation board allows two devices to monitor oxygen sensors
  • Hardwired leads and coaxial SMB connectors on oxygen sensors eliminate multiple
    connections and fragile Molex connectors.
  • Minimal head space reduces static loop volume
  • Oxygen addition on exhaust side of head insures proper gas mixing in scrubber before
    it reaches sensors and diver
  • Diluent addition on inhale side over #1 sensor face for instant cell verification against
    a known gas

Breathing Loop

  • Backmounted counterlungs provide excellent work of breathing (WOB) in all
    positions while keeping frontal area free of clutter for stage bottle mounting and
    minimizing diver’s profile.
  • Counterlungs can be removed without removing backplate to facilitate cleaning
    between dives
  • Low profile T-pieces with NEW shorter stretch (front) and rigid (back) breathing hoses
  • Shrimp DSV with quick disconnect bayonets allow for easy cleaning and inspection
    of one-way valves

    • Optional Shrimp BOV allows for rapid bailout without removing mouthpiece

Mounting Hardware

  • Kent Tooling 316 SS onboard cylinder mounts are low profile and incredibly secure
  • Kent Tooling 316 SS STA backplate mount
  • 5 lb (2.3 kg) or 8.8 lb (4 kg) radial scrubber
  • Inside to out radial flow for maximum efficiency
  • Black Amalgon canister insulates scrubber 400 times better than aluminum
  • Built in water trap with chammies to absorb condensation
  • Latchless head, canister and bottom streamlines profile and eliminates broken latches
  • Accepts third-party scrubbers for maximum flexibility
    • Meg radial scrubbers

Oxygen MAV/Needle Valve

  • Needle valve incorporates the simplicity of a constant mass flow (CMF) orifice without
    the IP adjustment issues or the risk of blockage from debris.
  • 316 SS Swagelok needle valve for precise flow
  • Fully recessed manual oxygen addition button prevents unwanted oxygen addition
  • Un-compensated (blocked) Apeks DS4 1st stage with stronger spring allows
    for adjustment from 200-290 psi (14-20 bar) IP for 400-600 fsw (122-183 msw)
    maximum depth.

Diluent MAV

  • Fully recessed manual diluent addition button prevents unwanted gas addition
  • Female QC-6 plugs into offboard bailout/diluent
  • Bypass port routes gas directly to BOV

PO2 Monitoring

  • NEW and improved HUD provides reliable secondary PO2 monitor.
    • Reversible display
    • Automatic brightness adjustment
    • Voltage indication on start-up
    • Rechargeable battery option
  • NEW hardwired Shearwater Petrel 2 primary display for increased reliability
  • NEW Shearwater NERD 2 option replaces HUD as secondary display




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