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FATHOM SW Sump Heads for the KISS Sidewinder.  Save $200 when purchased with the Dual MAV package.

Dual MAV Package includes the following:


FATHOM SW Sump Heads features and benefits:

  • Fully potted inhale head with gold plated SMB connectors for maximum reliability.
  • Three (3) AI sensors with SMB connectors on a lead means only one connection per sensor.
  • 4-Pin AK cable to connect to Shearwater Petrel or NERD.
  • FATHOM Gen 2 HUD integrated into head for redundant PO2 monitoring.
    • Auto brightness
    • Left or right hand orientation
    • Visual alarm
    • 2032 lithium battery last 200+ hrs
  • Low profile threaded hose connectors for maximum reliability and improved loop hose routing.
  • Single gas feed in exhale head designed for use with a dual MAV.

NOTE: Sumps heads do not have an ADV or OPV.


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