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The Sentry DPV Dashboard is the first scooter power computer of its kind to give the operator real time feedback on how much power they are using, which can then be used to estimate their speed and run-time. No more guessing when you will run out of battery! Also displayed are the Watt Hours consumed from the battery(s) and since some DPVs use two batteries in series, the Sentry will also tell you the voltage of each battery, for systems with two batteries in series, instead of just the total voltage, so you can see if one battery voltage may be dropping faster, indicating a problem that you would not see if only the total voltage was displayed. A wireless transmitter sealed inside the DPV body is connected between the battery(s) and motor and sends the power data through the DPV wall to a display on the outside with no hull penetration needed.

The Sentry DPV Dashboard is also a bottom timer, displaying depth to 660ft (200m) and run-time along with a leak detector that will alert you if water gets inside the DPV. The display housing is angled back for easy viewing and works great when used with a compass just in front of it, allowing precise control of depth and heading for long, low visibility navigation runs. The displays battery is sealed inside and recharges through two contacts on the outside of its case, to eliminate the possibility of seal damage when changing batteries. The display battery is factory replaceable.

The Sentry can be used on ANY brand of DPV with single battery voltage of 12-50VDC or DPVs with two batteries in series from 20-100VDC. The internal transmitter is simply installed on the power wires between the battery and motor.


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Last updated: July 21, 2021


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