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GHOST is the model for professionals, whose high requirements in technical equipment have encouraged them to look for the best DPV available on the market.

The GHOST model was built to exceed the current limits set by other DPV scooters and is a unit of choice of all deep divers. The exceptionally large battery (standard 1500W, extra capacity 2000W) is almost impossible to be discharged even during the longest exploration dives.



Maximum static thrust >340 N

Maximum speed* >1.6 mps/315 fpm

Working time at optimal speed (0.75 mps/148 fpm)* >525 min (Ghost 1500) or >700 min.  (Ghost 2000)

Working time at maximum speed (gear 9)* >140 min (Ghost 1500) or >220 min (Ghost 2000)

Range* >23.6 km/14.7 mi (Ghost 1500) >31.5 km/19.6 mi (Ghost 2000)

Weight with battery and fresh water ballast 22.9 kg/50.5 lb

Battery Li-Ion capacity 1500 Wh (Ghost 1500) or 2000 Wh (Ghost 2000)

Maximum depth 220 m/720 ft

Tested depth 300 m/985 ft

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2×12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed.


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