Aiar Ghelber

Aiar Ghelber

Instructor on: Gemini CCR

Aiar's love affair with the ocean began at a young age. By the time he was 12, he had already earned his diving certification in the clear waters of Eilat, Israel. It was during those early days that Aiar developed a passion for exploration and diving rebreathers. Aiar's approach to life is refreshingly simple, much like his love for the deep. He revels in the thrill of wing-suiting, the enchantment of cave diving, and the mysteries concealed within sunken wrecks. 

Today, Aiar Ghelber proudly contributes his wealth of knowledge to the Gulf Coast Scuba team in Houston. Whether you're a novice eager to take your first underwater plunge or a seasoned diver seeking to delve further into rebreather diving, Aiar is your trusted companion on this aquatic journey.

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