Matt Mandziuk

Matt Mandziuk

Instructor on: Mk III CCR

Matt was born into the world of scuba diving, but it's his fascination with deeper diving, caves, and exploration that really fuels his passion. A diver for over 30 years, a cave and technical diver and instructor for over 20 years, he has loved the challenges, projects and students he's worked with around the world.  Whether it has been surveying or exploring caves and shipwrecks, or putting the best divers in the water that he can, he loves what he does.

Matt has served on training agency advisory committees, written course outlines and standards, helped improve some of the best dive gear, and in his spare time owns Dan's Dive Shop. He is based in Canada, so his Fathom CCR keeps him warm as he enjoys the local sites in the Great Lakes. He also travels the world diving on a regular basis.

Matt teaches for a number of agencies including NAUI Technical, IANTD, TDI, PADI, and IDREO. He looks forward to sharing his skills, knowledge, and passion with everyone.

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