Ken Sallot

Ken Sallot

Instructor on: Mk III CCR

My name is Ken Sallot, and I’ve been diving for a long time. The first time I ever tried scuba was in a pool on a night that my parents let me try their gear; I was seven. When I was ten I somehow or another wound up living on Grand Cayman for most of the year, and that is when I had my first experiences of diving in the open water. In 1981 I finally earned my NAUI Junior Diver rating (I was 12), and I have been diving ever since. In 1995 I became an Openwater Instructor with the YMCA Scuba Program and in 1996 I became an instructor with NAUI, TDI and IANTD. I currently hold instructor ratings with the NSS-CDSIANTD and SDI/TDI.

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