Simon Nadim

Simon Nadim

Instructor on: Gemini CCR

Simon Nadim’s passion for diving spans decades from his first diving experiences at the age of 12 in the Caribbean. His diving career has taken him from the most popular to the most remote diving sites worldwide across USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Simon is currently based in Dubai/Fujairah UAE.

Simon became a hypoxic trimix instructor in 2004 then over the years and around the world, his experience has grown from that of an enthusiastic diver to that of a hypoxic trimix instructor trainer, and founder of the XR HUB diving facility in Fujairah, UAE and Pure Tech online shop. During the past decade, XR HUB grew into a leading regional CCR and technical diving centre providing bespoke technical OC, sidemount and CCR training, as well as advanced cave and wreck diving courses. Additionally the dive center organizes deep wreck dives to several nearby shipwrecks at depths ranging from 45m to 107m.

Simon is specialized in rebreather training with over 10 years of experience as CCR instructor and more than 10000 dives. He an instructor on several different machines (FATHOM Gemini, rEvo hCCR, JJ-CCR, Megalodon/Tiburon, Triton mCCR, Flex2), and is also a rebreather cave instructor and rebreather hypoxic trimix instructor. One of his main areas of expertise is developing bespoke CCR configuration and techniques for deep diving and exploration in adverse environments.

He has been successfully diving FATHOM Gemini to 100m depth exploring the deep wrecks of Fujairah and fine tuning his configuration to accommodate open sea wreck diving in strong currents.

When he’s not teaching, Simon enjoys cave explorations and shipwreck expeditions, both locally and abroad. Notable examples include discovery of several shipwrecks off coast Fujairah UAE between 40 and 100m, expedition to HMHS Britannic which lies at 120m depth off coast of Greece, a 191m dive exploring the uncharted depth of Chinhoyi cave, and a 214m dive searching for a lost world war two submarine off the coast of Sudan, HMS Victoria in Lebanon between 70 and 140m.

Simon also founded the Lebanese Cave Diving Project with Speleo Club du Liban exploring, mapping, and studying uncharted underwater caves in the Lebanese mountains.

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