Hao Chen

Hao Chen

Instructor on: Mk III, Gemini

Since his first dive in 2015, Hao's passion for the depths has driven him to explore some of the most challenging and captivating environments. In 2018, he started tech diving in Canada's cold waters and soon after, fell in love with rebreather diving. He now holds instructor ratings from TDI, IANTD, and PADI, providing a wide range of courses in tech, cave, and CCR diving.

Hao is a certified instructor on the Fathom MK III and Gemini CCR. With extensive experience in cold-water diving, he is the perfect choice for those seeking CCR exploration in chilly depths. Hao primarily provides training in Ontario, Canada but is available to travel for teaching if needed. Hao is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

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