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Maximum static thrust >340 N

Maximum speed* >1.6 mps/315 fpm

Working time at optimal speed* >700 min

Working time at maximum speed (gear 9)* >220 min

Range* >31.5 km/19.6 mi

Weight with battery and fresh water ballast 22.9 kg/50.5 lb

Battery Li-Ion capacity 2000 Wh

Maximum depth 220 m/720 ft

Tested depth 300 m/985 ft

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2×12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed.



The first DPV in the world in which the motor runs directly in the water. Specially designed and patented solution allows for complete elimination of the drive shaft and the need for unreliable seals and gear transmission used in other DPVs.

The motor working in the water is much more durable and resistant to workload and also completely eliminates overheating inside the DPV. Innovative solutions enable the user to work much deeper, longer and with much greater motor power. Moreover, the motor runs almost silently, currently it’s the quietest DPV on the market.


All elements of the drive system – engine, propeller, propelling nozzle and post-swirl stator – were precisely designed taking into account speed and load parameters divers encounter under the water. Three-phase motor, as the only one on the market, is steered with BLAC algorithm, which minimizes energy consumption. Seacraft devices have exceptional work efficiency and consume even up to half the energy required for propulsion than competing devices.


The DPV’s design significantly differs from previous solutions. Abandoning the use of archaic and unreliable rods, pushrods, gears or the motor closed in a dry chamber used in the return state-of-the-art drive design, lightweight materials, components and unique solutions in terms of hydrodynamics. As a result the DPV is exceptionally light and maneuverable. All the construction elements of the Seacraft DPV are high precision and almost entirely made from a special aluminum alloy, resulting in extremely low weight and, at the same time, strength and durability, even when operating in saltwater conditions. By using a special post-swirl stator the torque effect was fully eliminated. Applied technology allows to maintains a steady flow path, so that all maneuvers are much smoother and do not require effort.


Seacraft is the only DPV in the world which allows for full, continuous and current control of all operating parameters. Equipped with a colour OLED DISPLAY enabling observation of all sustained important user data, including battery status, enabled gear, work time, power consumption, battery voltage, even temperature and humidity in the electronics chamber. The world’s first DPV in its class, to have such extensive functionality and precise information about the actual operating parameters. Thus, the user can better prepare, safely plan and execute dives.


Seacraft has a two sided, comfortable handle with integrated DPV activation buttons and a multi-speed control. This innovative design allows a stable hold of the DPV both two-handed as well as either hand (one-handed steering). This decisively improves ergonomics and reduces user fatigue. The speed setting allows the user to select one of the 11-speed settings (reverse gear, 9 standard gears and accelerator), comfortably and intuitively operated by the thumb. All changes take place smoothly, without jerks. Parameters of the DPV, including the setting of maximum power, speed, some functions on the level of safety can be fully configured by the user.


The Seacraft DPV uses the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, characterized by very high capacity, high efficiency, resistance to harsh environments and fast charging times. Built in rechargeable internal battery control system and the innovative solution external charging socket fitted as standard, allows the user to charge the battery without opening the DPV. Charging time of standard version of the battery does not exceed 2-3 hours. The large capacity of the applied battery and high power efficiency of the drive unit allow it to break existing usage time limits. Asymmetrical weight of cell’s distribution always ensures neutral position of the DPV under the water.


Precise indication of the battery level and other operating parameters, a dedicated master power switch, clear control using the buttons on the control handles and indication of the operating mode, protection against accidental activation, the possibility of charging without dismantling and electronic protection are just some of the elements that increase user safety.


The use of modular design as well as the possibility of larger than standard batteries and the selection of other DPV parameters allows its use to be extensive, especially for special purposes (e.g. military or rescue operations). Innovative navigation console, flashlights dedicated for use with the DPV, internal or external ballast (optional) as well as a wide range of transport and mounting handles allow fully customizing the DPV to the user’s needs.

Purchase includes Li-Ion battery, charger, transport bracket, sports camera mount, ballast, trimming weights, harness, spare parts, and service tools.


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